Never Have An Order Held For Documentation Again!


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Order equipment without ever having to Fill out a paper order form, ask the Doctor to write a progress note, call and wait on hold for customer service OR use the fax machine again!? All with real time order tracking and digital communication! The RX and Chart Notes are built in the system for you! AND even gives you the ability to send paperwork to DR to E-Sign!

Communicate With Customer Service

Never wait on hold again! All of the communication about your order is done in the portal! 

Track Orders

You can check your order status at any time! Know when the paperwork has been approved, when the delivery has been scheduled and when your patient receives their equipment!

Doctor Signature

You can print the paperwork for the Dr to sign, OR even request E-signature via text or email. As soon as the paperwork is signed, the order instantly gets submitted to our customer service to process!

Create The Paperwork

Pick the products and answer a few questions based on the patient's medical need for the equipment. The portal will let you know if the patient qualifies based on the insurance guidelines! Once you answer the questions based on the patient's need for the equipment, the portal creates all of the required paperwork that the Dr just needs to sign!




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